A month ago we posted a track that we totally fell in love with the first time we heard it. The track, named Baiser Sur La Disco, is a ”must-dance” discohouse experience created by the brilliant up-coming producer Rubix. We felt that we couldn’t just let this artist pass us by. So we arranged an interview about influences, the ”new” electro stage and a question we just had to ask.

TAjT: Since we blogged about you last time a lot of others has picked up your music as well. How do you think the high speed society has affected your aritstery? Are there both positive and negative?

Rubix: The positive side is that If people like the stuff you are making it’s a lot easier to get your name out there.
The negative side of the whole high speed blog communication is that there is an overkill of music coming towards you.

T: Listening to your music one can’t miss the obvious disco influences. Why have this genre become a main theme for you?

R: From the beginning I listened to house/electronic music (about 2001), I loved the French Disco House sound. Guys like Thomas Bangalter, Le Knight Club, Dj Sneak, Buffalo Bunch, Play Paul and Laidback Luke inspired me. Now its 2009 and that sound is finally coming back! The big boys like A-trak and Armand van Helden are pushing that disco sound again.

T: It seems as the electro stage in general is in sort of a funky mode at the time. Do you agree? In your opinion, why is that?

R: From the moment Justice started with the distortion sound  Electro have been getting harder and harder until now. Don’t understand me wrong I like to rock hard electro tracks from time to time, but some  DJ’s only play very ruff electro tracks with no suspires or other genres. I think a lot of people now want some more variety  in the dj sets with for instance some disco tracks, gypsy stuff and some hard electro and fidget at the end.

T: You’re from the Netherlands, right in between the huge electronic music producing countries France and Germany. How has this influenced your life and your music?

R: Not really… Doesn’t  really matter where you live, as long as there is some internet around!

T: What makes you dance?

R: Crappy 70ties Disco Vinyl

T: You’ve got most upcoming gigs in the Netherlands, are we likey to see you out touring in the near future?

R: Lately I got a lot of requests on Myspace,Twitter and Facebook of Kids who would like to have a party with me, but the promoters have to pick me up and get me over there ;).

T: Name your personal top three producers/artists right now.

R: 1. Bloody Beetroots 2. Laidback Luke 3. A-trak

T: Along with this interview we will be posting your remix on C-Code’s Burning Up In Here. Describe the song in your own words.

R: Its inspired by Old Thomas Bangalter tracks. That’s all I can say…

T: Last but not least, do you have any relation to Rubik’s cube? If you have, what sort of?

R: Nope, no relation.

C-Code – Burning Up In Here (Rubix Remix)

Re-post: Rubix – Baiser Sur La Disco (Rubix Refix)


2 svar to “INTERVIEW: Rubix”

  1. Laughing man Says:

    Nice Tracks n’ interview mate!

  2. Dude, heb je een manager nodig?


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