TAjT really likes french house producer and dj Fred Falke. We’ve been stuck ever since we first heard his funky collaborations with Alan Braxe. Last year’s remixing explosion of artists such as Jamiroquai, The Whitest Boy Alive and Kish Mauve was marvelous. This year has, if possible, been even better. We just had to ask Fred himself what inspires and who influences him right now.

TAjT: What inspires you when you are producing?

Fred Falke: It can come from anything at any time and anywhere! There really is no single point of inspiration with my music.

T: Where do you most often get inspiration to a new remix or track?

FF: I’m always inspired by the track itself, I’m lucky that I get sent a lot of music for remixing and I can pick the tracks that inspire me to create something special.

T: Do you search for any particular feeling when you play live? What does it feel like?

FF: I love the excitement of playing live because it is very on edge. It can go wrong at any moment, but at the same time it can go so right and become amazing!

T: Are there any differences between producing on your own and working with a team.

FF: Yes of course, both have their benefits and restrictions, it’s like a game of Tennis, you can play singles and only have to worry about your self or you can team up and play doubles. For that to work both players have to bring their A-game and work together to get the best results.

T: Describe one particular collaboration that you enjoy.

FF: I really enjoy my time spent with at Xenomania, a writer and production team based in Kent, England. I get to work in a team of brilliant people, with them for Mini Viva recently was a wonderful experience.

T: You’re also a Bass Guitarist, do you think this has influenced you when producing electronic music? In what way?

FF: Definitely, bass is a very important part of dance music, and I make sure I pay a lot of attention to the bassline in all my tracks.

T: Name three of the best tracks right now? Why them?

FF: I’m going to name three that I’m listening to a lot on my ipod at the moment:

Jay-Z – Empire State of Mind
A Great song and production, it’s a perfect track.

Beach boys – I Get Around
Amazing track for the era it’s amazing what they have done.

The Killers – The World We Live In
The Killers have epic production, and this is a big song!

We thank Fred Falke for his time and tease you with some of his latest work. Don’t forget to buy Fred Falke’s tracks at Beatport.

Kris Menace  – Electricity feat. Fred Falke

Burns – First Move (Fred Falke Remix)


2 svar to “INTERVIEW: Fred Falke”

  1. […] It’s like this remix is an good, wise and comforting friend from the past. I can’t explain it or even understand it myself. Perhaps that’s why Fred Falke is one of my personal favourites. Ever. (Don’t forget to read our interview with Fred Falke here.) […]

  2. I love his music. he’s really tallented


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