Here we go!

This is 2010 dear readers and TAjT is back after a few days of well needed vacation without any modern ways of communication. We are really looking forward to the coming year, we have got some great moments to come.

This years first post is going to be a quick one but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to be great.

In November we wrote about Lucas Hideki Kamei, or just Kamei. He is a 15-year old Brazilian french house producer with absolutely no respect for such things as years of experience. Kamei is pure talent. He knocked us out with his tracks Hot and Funky Music and now he has done it again. This time with to great remixes and his own produced track I Love You More. What could be more right to write about and listen to in the first blog post in 2010 than the future in house music. Here we go!

Kamei – I Love You More

Mr. Oizo – Jo (Kamei ‘Vanilla’ Edit)

Sebastien Tellier – Roche (Kamei Remix)

Bonus: New Track Together with Good Junk

Click here for our post about Kamei in November (in Swedish)

2 svar to “Here we go!”

  1. Yo dude!!

    Thanks again^^

    I really love this^^

  2. kamei teach me. exactly type of music i love props man


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