The Knife opera Tomorrow, in a year to be released as album

Hotel Pro Forma
and The Knife opera Tomorrow, in a year had it’s world premier in Copenhagen 2 September 2009 in Copenhagen. 29 January it is time for the Swedish premier at Dansens Hus. Two days ago The Knife released one of the songs from the opera called Colouring Of Pigeons on Soundcloud. At the same time they announced that they will release the opera as a studio album! The release date is set to 1st March.

You can find all news about the release and the full tracklist of the album at

Here is the track Colouring Of The Pigeons (available to all who sign up the The Knife-newsletter). It’s nothing like what we heard from The Knife before but still with their unique sound to it.

The Knife – Colouring Of Pigeons

Bonus: Preview of Tomorrow, in a year

Check out the website of Hotel Pro Forma


2 svar to “The Knife opera Tomorrow, in a year to be released as album”

  1. Meh. Does it qualify as an opera just because you put some operatic song in it? Why are there pop tunes in there at all? If you ask me (and no one did), The Knife has become tacky.

  2. It qualifies as an opera because it is an opera. Like performed on a stage with yes operatic song. The album to be released is just a studio version so it might seem less opera-like. Tomorrow, in a year is an opera, the album is not.


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