Booka Shade vs. M.A.N.D.Y

I saw Booka Shade live in Gothenburg a couple of years ago. Not a concert easy to forget. The German duo is absolutely unbelivable live. And therefore I’m more than exicted to see that they are releasing an album and planning a world tour during 2010.  So all you booking agents out there. You know what to do. Get them on your f*cking line up!

As a warm up Booka Shade togheter with their friends M.A.N.D.Y recently released a remix mash up of their track Donut. And well, no disappointment there. It’s fantastic. The offical release of Donut is the 8th Februray with an exclusive release on Beatport the 25th January (which should be a public holiday since Danger is releasing his EP that same day). The release will include, among others, remixes by Gui Borrato and Boy 8-bit.

Booka Shade vs M.A.N.D.Y – Donut (Remix Mash Up)

Downloable here…

BONUS: Booka Shade – Essential Mix (Live from Glastonbury)

VIDEO: Booka Shade – In White Rooms (Live at Pukkelpop 2007 – from Live DVD)

VIDEO: Booka Shade – Body Language (Live at Pukkelpop 2007 – from Live DVD)


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