Cécile and Venice is baroque, synth and electro

Cécile & Venice are two Italian producers with a love for synth strings, electro beats and baroque music. About a year ago they released the two beautiful tracks Requiem and White Holes which both have a unmistakable classical baroque feeling to them. At the same time they are extremly catchy electrosynthtracks with a beautiful bass.

A couple of weeks ago our collegues over at Too Many Sebastians posted their new track Rimmel. The track is featured on Gomma‘s(yes we love them!) Dance Tracks E.P. 2 which was released 8 January. Rimmel has a bit more synthisized nu-disco sound to it which makes to a really catchy track.

Cécile & Venice – Requiem

Cécile & Venice – White Holes

Cécile & Venice – Rimmel

VIDEO: Cécile & Venice – Rimmel (official video)

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