VIS À VIS is a funk, electro project started in 2008 by Tiffany Lee. Electronic music has always been influating her life and she has played a lot of instruments. But it wasn’t until the electro scene started to grow again a couple of years ago that the dj:ing and producing started.  We just had to ask this up n´coming Brooklyn producer where she finds the inspiration for the music.

I’m really inspired by 70s and 80s bands that incorporated a lot of electronic elements in their music while still retaining that ”physical aspect” with real instruments. ”Too Young for the 80s” sort of reflects on how I’m legitimately just too young to have really experienced that era in full – all I’ve got now are CDs and videos. I’m also inspired by all of the electronic music out right now. The scene is definitely burgeoning… new artists get exposed all the time and become everyday household names faster than ever.

I really just want people to love the music as much as I enjoy making it. Its definitely a more organic genre than a lot of people like to think. As long as people keep dancing, I’m just fine with that.

VIS À VIS is currently in the process of producing original songs and remixes for an upcoming EP release in 2010. We are eagerly longing for more from VIS À VIS.

VIS À VIS – Too Young For The 80’s

VIS À VIS – This Party Has Run Dry

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