Mustang – huge my friends, huge!

This is just ridiculous (in good way)! There’s something supernatural about Gomma and their way to pick up artists. Next in line with a release on Gomma is Belgian Mustang (Renaud Deru & Andy Faisca). This huge! I’m absolutely stunned. The sound of Mustang togheter with the mind of the manager who ”made” Soulwax and Aeroplane is, well I’m going to say it again, huge!

Renaud Deru and Andy Faisca has also been seen DJing under the name Cosy Mozzy and are currently working as art directors on of Brussels hottest clubs called Dirty Dancing. They’ve gained popularity with their unique way of mixing house, disco and boogie. This is something you won’t miss while listening to their EP Chameleon Circus. It’s so beautiful, so funky and so danceable. Listen to it! Give a Hypem-heart! Buy it! And most importantly, dance to it!

Chameleon Circus EP – Tracklist
1. Chameleon Cirkus
2. The Cuckatoons
3. On Mercury
4. Try To Dance

Mustang – The Cockatoos

VIDEO: Mustang – Chameleon Circus

Listen teasers of all the tracks at Gomma…

Or at the Gomma-page at Soundcloud…

Buy Chameleon Circus EP at Beatport…



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