Cooler Couleur

It was some time ago since we last heard from Yelle. Crookers on the other hand keeps themselves very busy at the moment. They’re realising their new collab-cd Tons Of Friends on the 8th of march. The record features Soulwax and Rye Rye as well as Roisin MurphyMiike Snow and of course – Yelle!  Surprising, the catchy track named Cooler Couleur shimmers of summer reagge. Read more about the Crookers’ work and progress at their blog. But, it doesn’t stop here –   later this year Yelle is coming up with some new songs as well as a new live show.  Stunning!

Crookers – Cooler Couleur feat. Yelle

Pre-order Tons Of Friends…
Check out the Myspace of Crookers…
Check out the Myspace of Yelle…


4 svar to “Cooler Couleur”

  1. do you thank where you got the track from at all?

  2. Excited to get this higher quality!

  3. Timothy Lane Says:

    Thanks for the update, I am a huge fan of both artists and like to play a lot of their music on my radio show….big up!

  4. […] studio, working on their next album. We’ve already heard some of the results – their collab with Crookers. In the meantime they started the mini-project Yelle DJ’s which will provide us with monthly […]


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