The Golden Filter!

This is not only interesting. It’s very interesting. The Golden Filter has been out there for a while, but its more recently that the duo (if we got it right) has announced a more detailed schedule for their future career.
Bur first things first, what are we dealing with here? Well it’s not the ordinary, “We here at Tajt predict a very bright future for this act”. No sir. These guys are aiming for the sky, and much indicate that they will reach it. For one thing they share label with The Knife (among others) in the UK. For another thing, they share agent with such middle class bands as Daft Punk and Phoenix.
This is it people. Take a listen to the oldie Solid Gold, or take a bite of the future, with the new single, Hide Me. The full length album Voluspa is due April 26th. Until then…

The Golden Filter – Solid Gold

The Golden Filter – Hide Me



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