Robyn still runs this thing like a dancehall queen

Thanks to Skipster I found this collab between Robyn and Diplo a week ago. As always with set-up leaks, the quality of sound could have been better. But that’s not an issue when Robyn at last is back with some new stuff. Except from her remix of El Perro Del Mar and a couple of collabs (with e.g. I Blame Coco and Röyksopp) she hasn’t produced anything since the last edition of Robyn was released in 2007. We, who have been waiting, will soon be rewarded. There will be a new album later this year and hopefully a tour for the North European audience. Until then, listen to this reagge tune with a 90’s smell.

Robyn feat. Diplo – No Hassle

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3 svar to “Robyn still runs this thing like a dancehall queen”

  1. Robyn! Maginificent!

  2. […] Diplo feat.Robyn – No HassleIm Dezember haben Schwedens heimliche Popgöttin Robyn und Produzent Diplo in die Welt hinaus getweetet, dass sie zusammen an Robyns neuen Album arbeiten. Erste trashige Videos aus dem Studio gibt es schon als Spekulationsgrundlage, wie das Aufeinandertreffen der zwei interessantesten des Global Popbusiness klingen wird. Jetzt wurde der erste Track ins Netz gestellt. "No Hassle" ist ein verschluffter Track zwischen Reggae und Dancehall. Mal schauen, was da noch so kommt.…  […]

  3. […] the tracks there are robo-rap track Fembot, her collab with Diplo – Dance Hall Queen, and the Swedish folk song Jag vet en dejlig rosa that Robyn […]


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