Exceptionally good danishness

This is not the first time we covered the danish band When Saints Go Machine here at TAjT. But we have all the reasons to pick them up again. Not only did they released one of the best albums of 2009, they performed a completely mind blowing live show at this years By:Larm in Oslo two weeks ago. The set up is hugely impressive, and with a couple of live shows under the belt over here in Sweden, we think that the potential is huge.

The music? Well, how should we put it. A unique mix of vocals, reminding of singers as Anthony Hegarty (in a very good way), dark and sort of jazz influenced bass rytmhs combined with electronic sweetness. Out comes an unstoppable dance floor cracker. Can you sit still? We’ll if you are, you better be dancing in the sofa!

There are some pretty decent good remixes out their, but the original material is so good and so pure, so we just have to stick to it – for now. Here are my three favorites from the album

When Saints Go Machine – Armed

When Saints Go Machine – Greys And Blues

Check out the myspace

And buy it!



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