Interview: Grum

! It’s here, the brand new album from the one and only Grum. We’ve been waiting for it since what seems like forever. Since Runaway was released we’ve been caught in the dreamy yet jumpy disco house of Grum. And many more with us. Earlier this when Grum was about to release the single Can’t Shake This Feeling and finishing the album we made an interview which haven’t been published until now. Check it out and then click your way to the nearest digital store and buy the album! It’s on iTunes,, and

TAjT: In Sweden there’s a small town called Grums, we guess you didn’t chose your name with that in mind. So, why Grum?
Grum: Haha!  Well, my real name is Graeme…and Grum started out as some sort of nickname.  I foolishly decided to use it as my artist name and now I’m stuck with it.  People seem to like it though so its not too bad.  I need to come and visit Grums one day and have my picture taken next to the sign ;)

You’ve named a track Hearbeat and your lable is called Hearbeats. What does the beating of a heart mean to you?
The beating of a heart is very important to me.  If it didn’t beat I’d be dead. Then I couldn’t make music. Disaster.

You’re from Linlithgow in Scotland. What from Scotland do you bring into your music?
I’m not sure geographical location has such a big impact on music now because of the internet.  The music my parents listened to has definitely had a strong effect though.  I obviously tried to bring the bagpipes sound to my work but it didn’t really work out.

During 2009 you were one of the most blogged artists on Hypem. How do you think the mp3-blogs have affected the electronic music industry? Will it affect your future work in any way?
Well, for better or worse they are here to stay.  From my point of view they have been an amazing help in getting my music out.  It seems that labels are starting to embrace them too, rather than just shutting them down, so hopefully we can all reach a kind of happy medium.

Are there any exchange between you and the mp3-blogs that make you create better music?
Well I sometimes like to check some blogs which post obscure old disco and stuff like that, so that music has probably had an influence on me.  So yes, I think they have helped me create better music.

Italo-disco and french house tracks has really been booming the past year and it doesn’t seem to stop. Do you think we’re in desperate need of something more funky after some years with a lot of dirty hard electro?
I think this is exactly it.  Tracks with more musicality and feeling seem to be coming back into popularity, which I really like.  Hard electro was fun for a little while but things always go round in circles.

You remix a lot and a lot of people does remixes on your tracks. What track would you like to remix and who would you like did a remix on you? You can chose anyone, living or dead. Why where these your choices?
I’m a bit obsessed with Stevie Nicks stuff justnow so I’d have to say I’d love to remix ’Stand Back’.  This is probably an obscure choice but it would be really cool to hear an Arthur Baker remix of one of my more poppy tracks, digging his remix of Fleetwood Mac’s ”Big Love” right now!

You’re extremely productive. How do you do it? Are you always inspired?
I think I have reached a point where I can find inspiration quite easily.  I’m on a roll right now with my music and it seems to be getting easier and easier to come up with ideas.  I work on original music and remixes every day so I like to just keep going!  I’ll burn out soon and end up in rehab with a massive coke addiction.

Okey, then what gives you the inspiration to produce a new track?
It can be various things…sometimes the way I’m feeling about something can jsut inspire me to right.  OR maybe I want to create a feeling with the listener.  Or sometimes I just find a really cool sample that inspires.  But usually I like it to sound cool and sexy.

Could you describe that feeling when a track is complete.
Oh that’s a great feeling.  I usually listen back to it over and over until I’m totally happy with it.  And like to play it to other people to see their reactions!

Your single Can’t Shake This Feeling got great response. Tell us about the Grum-sound of the new decade.
Yes indeed.  Its quite a disco house style track but radio friendly at the same time.  It started out as a bit of a nod towards old Crydamoure house, such as Le Knight Club.  Really excited about it – we’ve got some amazing remixes.

My sound is moving in a more pop direction but it will always retain the dance element, I think.  I like to draw on older influences and make that stuff work today.

Last question, TAjT is an electronic dance music blog with the purpose to promote music that makes us want to dance. Then of course we want to know what makes you dance.
Good question.  I usually dance to anything if I’ve consumed enough alcohol.  We dont really have so many cool electro and disco nights outside of London, but I love seeing people like Aeroplane play.  I’ll dance to that!

Thanks a lot for your time Grum. Hope to see you in Sweden soon!


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  1. Heartbeats!

    Like like like. (inb4 like the music)

  2. Emborevem Says:

    Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!


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