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Posted in TAjT, The Twelves on 12 maj 2010 by Olov

Well, as you might have noticed, I’m pretty into the Twelves and their remixes. This post will be a short one. Stumbled across this remix just a couple of minutes ago and its good, as usual :)

The BPA – He’s frank ft. Iggy Pop (The Twelves remix)


Ps. For you Swedes, make sure that you don’t miss the Twelves gig at Debaser May 29:th and at the Arvika Festival July 16:th. It will be, wait for it…..LEGENDARY!

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Holy cra…eh Ghost!

Posted in DFA, Holy Ghost, lcd soundsystem, TAjT on 11 maj 2010 by Olov

Well, we’ve had our eyes on Holy Ghost! for a while now. The fact that they’re a part of DFA records certainly doesn’t make them any less interesting and the fact that soon will be touring with LCD Soundsystem, well yeah, you get the picture. The track Hold On has been out there for some years now, so the news that Holy Ghost are about to release a brand new EP didn’t get here an hour to early

So, listen to it a couple of tracks, pre-order it, you will not regret it people!

The EP is due 18 may on DFA Records

Holy Ghost – Say My Name

LCD Soundsystem – Drunk Girls (Holy Ghost remix)

This is happening!

Posted in james murphy, lcd soundsystem on 15 april 2010 by Olov

Every time LCD Soundsystem releases a new album, its like the rules of making albums doesn’t apply to James Murhpy. With other acts, we would talk about the difficulties in making album number two or album number three. Or perhaps we would talk about the pressure of giving the fans what they want. But you never have to worry with LCD. The sound is always new and refreshed. You can feel the LCD Soundsystem pattened electro-disco-funk-sound, and without loosing originality, they always make sure to put something new into it. Everytime, even more interesting than the previous one

And, as you have guessed by now, this time is no exception. I’ve only listened to the forthcoming album This Is Happening (due 17:th may), a couple of times, but its already crystal clear that one of the best albums of 2010, is already here. Stream it here, and be sure to pre-order one of the infinite number of digital copies at iTunes

Exceptionally good danishness

Posted in When Saints Go Machine with tags , , on 06 mars 2010 by Olov

This is not the first time we covered the danish band When Saints Go Machine here at TAjT. But we have all the reasons to pick them up again. Not only did they released one of the best albums of 2009, they performed a completely mind blowing live show at this years By:Larm in Oslo two weeks ago. The set up is hugely impressive, and with a couple of live shows under the belt over here in Sweden, we think that the potential is huge.

The music? Well, how should we put it. A unique mix of vocals, reminding of singers as Anthony Hegarty (in a very good way), dark and sort of jazz influenced bass rytmhs combined with electronic sweetness. Out comes an unstoppable dance floor cracker. Can you sit still? We’ll if you are, you better be dancing in the sofa!

There are some pretty decent good remixes out their, but the original material is so good and so pure, so we just have to stick to it – for now. Here are my three favorites from the album

When Saints Go Machine – Armed

When Saints Go Machine – Greys And Blues

Check out the myspace

And buy it!

The Golden Filter!

Posted in Daft Punk, Phoenix, TAjT, The Knife on 14 februari 2010 by Olov

This is not only interesting. It’s very interesting. The Golden Filter has been out there for a while, but its more recently that the duo (if we got it right) has announced a more detailed schedule for their future career.
Bur first things first, what are we dealing with here? Well it’s not the ordinary, “We here at Tajt predict a very bright future for this act”. No sir. These guys are aiming for the sky, and much indicate that they will reach it. For one thing they share label with The Knife (among others) in the UK. For another thing, they share agent with such middle class bands as Daft Punk and Phoenix.
This is it people. Take a listen to the oldie Solid Gold, or take a bite of the future, with the new single, Hide Me. The full length album Voluspa is due April 26th. Until then…

The Golden Filter – Solid Gold

The Golden Filter – Hide Me


Posted in Ellie Goulding, Monarchy with tags , on 08 februari 2010 by Olov

The fall has been an interesting one, especially when you look into the electro and electro pop scene. Some of them has been covered here on TAjT already, and some is still yet to come

An extraordinary interesting duo (so they say) is Monarchy, producing (so they say) own material and remixes on the island of Great Britian (so they say)

Pardon the clever (marks), but the secrets regarding the identity, origin and names of the people behind Monarchy has, by far, taken the over hand instead of the more important issue, the music. Relax people. Soon they will most certainly play live and then we will all figure it out. Until then, lets enjoy the recorded stuff. Here you have two pieces, one made by themself, and one of the fine remixes they’ve put out there. Tune in to their myspace or browse at Hypem for more goodiness

Monarchy – The Phoenix Alive

Ellie Goulding – Starry Eyed (Monarchy Remix)


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Fransosen Vitalic har några år på nacken, men i mina ögon är det hela purfärskt. Men det är fan inte sämre för det! Senaste skivan, som släpptes skapligt nyligen, heter Flashmob och är inte bara bra, den är vansinnig. En sällsynt lyckad blandning av techno, elektro och annat gött. Banbrytande säger jag

Vitalic – Flashmob
Vitalic – Flashmob

Vitalic – Poison Lips
Vitalic-Poison Lips