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A sunny disco mix

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Our friend VIS À VIS has made a sunny disco mix to celebrate that spring has come. Enjoy!

VIS À VIS – Mixology 2.0


Apologize (Breakbot’s Hypnotoad Remix) – Digitalism
Bad Romance (Grum Remix) – Lady Gaga
Love Long Distance (Riva Starr Remix) – Gossip
Shooting Stars – Bag Raiders
The Reeling (Calvin Harris Remix) – Passion Pit
100% (Treasure Fingers Remix) – Chromeo
Two Weeks (Fred Falke Remix) – Grizzly Bear
Meddle (Treasure Fingers Remix) – Little Boots
Bizzare Love Triangle (Richard X Remix) – New Order
Boys and Girls (Extended) – Martin Solveig
Comme di Comme Ca (The Twelves Remix) – Terry Poison
Det Snurrar I Min Skalle – Familjen
The Punch (Reprise) – Bag Raiders

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HAJEN: Best of remixes 2009

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I always find it difficult to sum a whole year in tiny lists. How could I possibly be just to all of it? All sweaty dance floor memories. All nice day-dreaming together with my iPod. Each and every moment I’ve spent with music. As always I ended up with almost as many remixes as the year got days. Fortunately or ufortunately, it depends on how you look at it, many of them wasn’t from 2009 at all. The ten that made the list are the stunning breathtakers I’ve spent the last year with. I hope they will give you as much pleasure and trips as they’ve given me. Enjoy.

10. Munk – Back Down (Cut Copy Jackmaster Remix)

After 1.22 the almost epic synth loop starts and there’s nothing more to say.

9. Annie – My Love Is Better (Sunkh Knight Remix)

As I wrote earlier this month, one of last year’s most longed for albums was Annies Don’t Stop. This remix by Sunkh Knight is a fresh dub version that strengthens the tounge-in-cheek lyrics in a kind of blasé way.

8. Calvin Harris – I’m Not Alone (Deadmau5 Remix)

A unfortunate coincidence made last summer’s most huge storm get in my way the night I was supposed to see Deadmau5 at Melt Festival in Germany. So, instead of dancing to this remix six o clock in the morning, I tried to stop my tent blowing away over the German fields. At least I wasn’t alone and after all this is a great remix.

7. David Guetta & Estelle – One Love (Calvin Harris Remix)

Last week me, and my  two best friends on earth, played some music at a christmas party. I was a bit rusty and we weren’t lucky with the technics, but when this remix reached the dance floor there were just happiness all over.

6. Bertie Blackman – Black Cats (Shazam Remix)

Shazam made it to my list of 2008 with the remix of Ashton Shuffle’s Stomp Yo Shoes. This time there is more of disco than funk and I’m weak. Especially for the intro, but also because of the voice of amazing Bertie Blackman.

5. The Whitest Boy Alive – 1517 (Morgan Geist Remix)

A funky french tune became a floor filler produced by Daft Punk. The Whitest Boy Alive got inspired and Morgan Geist remixed there version. Dängbra as we say in my hometown!

4. El Perro Del Mar – Change Of Heart (Rakamonie Remix)

Rakamonie aka Robyn has made a marvellous remix of Swedish El Perro Del Mar. It’s so new I haven’t fetched any memories to it yet, but it’s clear that Change Of Heart went straight to my remix heart.

3. Amanda Blank – Shame On Me (Yuksek Remix)

Amanda Blank is one of my favourites of 2009. It started with the collaboration with Yuksek at Extraball and went even better when her album I Love You was released this summer. Shame on me is one of my favourites. Especially in Yuksek’s astounding dream away remix.

2. Burns – First Move (Fred Falke Remix)

It’s like this remix is an good, wise and comforting friend from the past. I can’t explain it or even understand it myself. Perhaps that’s why Fred Falke is one of my personal favourites. Ever. (Don’t forget to read our interview with Fred Falke here.)

1. Prodigy – Invaders Must Die (Yuksek Remix)

A true best remixes of the year list must contain a real dansgolvsvältare (translation: tune that overturnes the dance floor). This is that tune! This remix is made for sweaty, non-stop dancing. Yuksek was, without competition, best live act of 2009. Turn up the music and dance as if it was your last dance. This is stunning!

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SURIKATEN: Best of remixes 2009

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Day one of TAjTs odyssey thru the music we danced to during 2009. And we are so exicted! During four days we will bring you our best remixes and best original tracks from the year that has passed. Picking out only ten tracks from such a great music year as 2009 proved to be more dificult than we thought. There were moments when we couldn’t decied and there were moments when memories, both good and bad, filled us up and wouldn’t let us move on. But here it is. The first out of four lists. The best remixes of 2009 according to me, Surikaten.

10. Uffie – Pop The Glock (Felix Da Housecats Pink Enemy Remix)

A late arrival on this list you can call it. Ed Banger queen Uffies track Pop The Glock was originally released in 2006 and has been heard on many dancefloors ever since. Actually I never really liked it, until now. Felix Da Housecat has turned this track into what I wanted it to be from the beginning. More house, less electro. And therefore it made it into my list.

9. Burns – First Move (Fred Falke Remix)

To not feature Fred Falke on this list would be a mistake. Some said that there has been to many remixes from Fred this year. Well, doesn’t matter really when he does things like this remix on Burns First Move. Fred Falke remains a brilliant remix artist.

8. Heads We Dance – Take My Picture (Justin Faust Remix)

German Justin Faust released his EP Revenge in February and showed that his house music in the border land between disco, house and synth is something for the big clubs. With this remix of happy pop song Take My Picture he caught my appriciation as remix artist. This is a track which will make indiepop kids and club kids dance togheter in harmony (or more likely in a more sinful way).

7. Yuksek – Tonight (Kris Menace Remix)

Yuksek-track Tonight is of course a really good song from the start so one might say that Kris Menace had an easy job. Or one can say that he added another dimension to a good song and made it great. If we were to single out one artist that has managed to be productive and still releasing quality stuff, that artist would be Kris Menace. With his 3CD (!)  debut album Idiosyncrasies he got me totally hooked.

6. Munk – No Milk (Mercury Remix)

Munk is one of the artists recording with German nudisco label Gomma. No Milk is a rather slow disco track produced by Milk featuring vocalist Asia Argento. The Mercury remix makes this list because of the beautiful way the Swiss producer has turned this slow nice track into a more dance floor friendly house track.

5. Fever Ray – Seven (The Twelves Remix)

Swedish Fever Ray a k a Karin Dreijer (The Knife) released her debut album 18 March on Rabid Records. The album featured among many great tracks, this song called Seven. Seven months later the track was remixed by a lot of great producers and released as a single. Remixes from CSS and Crookers made it onto the release but this remix by Brazilian duo The Twelves didn’t. But that doesn’t really matter, this is a great track with a lovely funky guitar that tickles our dance nerv.

4. Chromeo – Night By Night (Siriusmo Remix)

Chromeo has ever since their release of Bonafied Lovin’ back in 2007 been two artists to rely on when it comes to funky electro. Coming year they are about to release new own material and we can’t really wait. So we weren’t exactly sorry when the sneek peak Night By Night was released. When a Chromeo track is released you can almost be sure there will be a lot of great remixes to follow. No disapointment there either. This remix by Siriusmo is just banging its way into fourth place. Put on those dancing shoes everybody!

3. Bag Raiders – Shooting Stars (Kris Menace Remix)

This is a track to die for! Not only is the original track by Bag Raiders one of the most beatifully composed tracks of 2009, this Kris Menace remix makes it perfect. Australian duo Bag Raiders has amazed me since their release of Turbo Love in October 2008. With killing remixes on Cut Copys Far Away and Sneaky Sound Systems I Love It they’ve also gained a lot of succes as remix artists. This is definitely a duo that I hope to hear a lot from over the years to come. Regarding the remixer Kris Menace, well what is there to say, he is just great (and the only artist with two songs on this list). Also check out the Siriusmo remix of this song.

2. David Guetta feat. Estelle – One Love (Calvin Harris Remix)

Calvin Harris makes it to second place on my best of remixes list with this remix on David Guetta track One Love. First of all he’s a fantastic producer. I mean just look at the people he worked with. His greatness as producer and remix artist, I think, he really shows of in this remix. When I heard One Love for the first time I thought it was kind of boring. This remix is NOT boring! It’s everything else but boring actually. I just simply love it!

1. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix)

We have reached the top of my list with the best remixes of 2009. This is it! A-Trak‘s done it. Again. Yeah Yeah Yeahs made a song that even I can’t help to like. This song went thru the magic mind of A-Trak and out came such a beatiful house track that I just can’t belive it. The song took a huge step from being a song I might’ve played a few times to becoming a song that I don’t stop listening to. I think that makes it a great remix. And therefore it makes the top of my list.

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Summering del 2: Shazam

Posted in Calvin Harris, Chromeo, Dizzee Rascal, Shazam on 16 december 2009 by hajen

Shazam har utöver den fabulösa remixen på Munks Down in L.A. jag skrev om igår också släppt en del eget under året. Hans sound har utvecklats och blivit en aning renare. Dessutom har han producerat en makalöst dansant remix av Dizzee Rascals kalasbit Dance wiv me. Jag gillar det skarpt och är övertygad om att vi kommer att få höra mycket av denne australienska producent framöver.

Shazam – Luckier

Shazam – Pool Party 2009

Dizzee Rascal feat.Calvin Harris & Chromeo – Dance wiv me (Shazam Remix)

Buy Shazam’s music at Beatport.

David vs Guetta

Posted in Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Estelle, Kid Cudi with tags , , , , , on 14 december 2009 by surikaten

TAjT ger sig på en lite mer mainstream måndag än vanligt. Veteranen David Guetta dominerar på radiostationerna och bloggarna runt om i världen. Ingen som lyssnat på radio på senaste tiden kan väl ha missat hans Sexy Bitch. Just det spåret har inte vi på TAjT fastnat för alls faktiskt. Tyvärr känns det lite som att spåret har tagit fokus från mycket annat fantastiskt material som kommer från David Guetta. Så vi vill denna måndagskväll bjuda på ett par andra spår.

Första spåret är ett samarbete med en annan stjärna på blogghimlen just nu, Kid Cudi. Gemensamma spåret Memories flirtar med Kid Cudis r n’ b-publik och samtidigt med klubbkidsen genom glada housefyllda melodier.

Andra spåret är ett samarbete med Estelle (som vi först uppmärksammade i samarbetet med Danger på spåret American Boy). Här remixad till en ännu högre nivå av grymma Calvin Harris. Spåret är en housedänga som kommer att fungera på många dansgolv i vinter. Nog skrivet, lyssna själva istället och gör er egen bedömning.

David Guetta (feat. Kid Cudi) – Memories

David Guetta (feat. Estelle) – One Love (Calvin Harris Remix)

Buy David Guetta’s album One Love and other songs at Beatport…

Nu är det sommar – TAjT återuppstår!

Posted in Calvin Harris, Daft Punk, Deadmau5, Sébastien Léger, TAjT with tags , , , , on 21 juni 2009 by surikaten

”I juni månad återuppstånden”, som det står i TAjTs heliga skrift. Vi på TAjT börjar vädra en fantastisk sommar med stora mängder elektronisk musik. Detta gör oss så pass exalterade att jag, Surikaten, bestämde mig för att återuppta bloggandet. Låt oss se om TAjTs övriga direktörer även de tar upp stafettpinnen.

Om ungefär en månad åker halva TAjT-styrkan ner till Tyskland för att hänga på mycket lovande festivalen Melt! för första gången. Och om endast två veckor är det ju dags för våra polare på Arvikafestivalen att skapa stordåd i den värmländska skogen.


Tänkte viga denna återkomst på bloggscenen åt en man (eller mus?) som vi har bloggat om ett flertal gånger. Nämligen extremt hajpade, feta och extremt begåvade Deadmau5! Här är fyra spår som får mig att rysa lite extra i sommarvärmen. Den 17 juli ser vi Deadmau5 på Melt! Låt oss säga att vi är ganska peppade.

Deadmau5 – Dr. Funkenstein

Daft Punk – Harder Better Faster Stronger (Deadmau5 edit)

Calvin Harris – I\’m Not Alone (Deadmau5 Remix)

Deadmau5 – Slip (Sebastien Legér Remix)

Let the beat go on! TAjT’s back!

The Ting Tings (remixed)!

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De har skaffat sig radiohitar med låtarna That’s not my name och Shut up and let me go (3,5 miljoner lyssningar på Myspace). Indiepopduon The Ting Tings ramlar egentligen en bit utanför vad jag normalt skulle fastna för. Men detta var något speciellt första gången jag hörde det. När sedan den trallvänliga indiepopen remixas och spårlängden kryper upp i sju minuter. Då var jag fast. Galet bra. Otajt musik som blir tajt.

The Ting Tings – Shut up and let me go (Supermarket Shredit)

The Ting Tings – Great DJ (Calvin Harris remix)