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Some Gare du Nord dancin’

Posted in Carte Blanche, Dj Medhi, Riton on 13 maj 2010 by surikaten

Carte Blanche is, as you might know by now, the lovechild of Riton and Dj Medhi. On May 31st they’ll drop their first EP Black Billionaires on Ed Banger Records. The EP is mixed by Alex Gopher and contains among other fine tunes the heavy dancing track called Gare du Nord. Here’s a teaser on that one. Video directed by Marco Dos Santos & edited by Julien Demond.


Carte Blanche

Posted in Carte Blanche, Dj Medhi, Riton on 26 februari 2010 by surikaten

”You gonna love the house”. Those words were the start of great thing thing between Dj Medhi and Riton as they decided to form the new super duo of the European house scene, Carte Blanche. Dj Medhi started of his international career when his album Lucky Boy was released on Ed Banger in 2006. Since then we’ve had the pleasure to enjoy fantastic dancefloor bombs like Signatune and Pocket Piano. His colleague Riton is a producer from the otherside of the canal, or more exactly from Newcastle. His is with the Radio Soulwax family and gained appreciation for his Modular project Eine Kleine Nact Musik back in 2008.

In the statement from Ed Banger they reveal that Carte Blanche will be touring all major cities in Europe and North America in May and June 2010 with four decks, one mixer and TR 909. Interesting? Oh Yes! The first EP from the duo is to be released in May.

And here’s their first track! The word is ”No Bangers, strictly house music”. And we like it, a lot! This is some great stuff going on.

Carte Blanche – In The Mix

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