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Rhumba House

Posted in Crydajam, Daft Punk, Le Knight Club on 27 maj 2010 by surikaten

We’re bringing back some old French House this week on the blog (well all of it from 2002 actually). In between releasing world famous tracks with Daft Punk, both Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo made some extremely fine French House. Bangalter with Dj Falcon and de Homem-Christo with Éric Chedeville. Togheter the last couple formed Le Knigt Club which released their first records in 1997 (the same year Daft Punk released their debut album Homework). While Bangalter and Dj Falcon had a hit with So Much Love To Give (which we blogged some days ago) Le Knight Club released Rhumba and Soul Bells, a couple of tracks that without doubt have influenced a lot of the French House scene today.

Togheter with a few others at the Crydamoure label the talented duo also had a ”jam group”, called Crydajam, which that very same glorius year (2002) released an 12″ EP. If You Give Me The Love You Want was one of the disco inspired tracks on that one.

Le Knight Club – Rhumba

Crydajam – If You Give Me The Love I Want

Le Knight Club and Crydajam stood for a part of the last French House revival. Tomorrow we bring you the master of the ongoing revival of French House. And we’re actually bringing him! Stay tuned.



Posted in Daft Punk, Danger, Devoid on 11 april 2010 by surikaten

Devoid is a new bright shining star on the space electro scene deeply influenced by Daft Punk and Danger. He’s from São Paulo in Brazil and has only made music for two years after seeing Daft Punk movie Interstellar 555. His music is however much more Danger than Daft Punk. Sometimes so much that you might think it’s actually the frenchman releasing new stuff. But it’s not. With that in mind it’s no surprise that Devoid also remixed Dangers 4h30. And with great succes!

Devoid – Gag

Danger – 4h30 (Devoid Remix)

Big up to our fellow bloggers over at Tracasseur for this one. Go there and grab two more tracks from Devoid!

The Golden Filter!

Posted in Daft Punk, Phoenix, TAjT, The Knife on 14 februari 2010 by Olov

This is not only interesting. It’s very interesting. The Golden Filter has been out there for a while, but its more recently that the duo (if we got it right) has announced a more detailed schedule for their future career.
Bur first things first, what are we dealing with here? Well it’s not the ordinary, “We here at Tajt predict a very bright future for this act”. No sir. These guys are aiming for the sky, and much indicate that they will reach it. For one thing they share label with The Knife (among others) in the UK. For another thing, they share agent with such middle class bands as Daft Punk and Phoenix.
This is it people. Take a listen to the oldie Solid Gold, or take a bite of the future, with the new single, Hide Me. The full length album Voluspa is due April 26th. Until then…

The Golden Filter – Solid Gold

The Golden Filter – Hide Me

Jacques Laverne Dorsey

Posted in Daft Punk, Jacques L. Dorsey on 18 januari 2010 by hajen

No one knows where mysterious Jacques L. Dorsey came from. He has been around at Myspace for 18 days and there are rumours he has connections to Daft Punk’s soundtrack production for Tron Legacy. A lot of questions, but very few answers. What we do know is that he has made two marvelous retro-futuristic tracks. The second one, Before The Morning Interlude, opens his Area 51 mix – which name adds on to the enigmatic shimmer. If this is what 2010 brings, I do really look forward to meet the rest of the year and the continue of Jacques Laverne Dorsey.

Jacques L. Dorsey – Hard Drivn’ (Main)

Jacques L. Dorsey – Area 51 Mix

UPDATE: If you happen to be in Toronto this friday (22nd of january)  you can watch Jacques L. Dorsey live here.

Nu är det sommar – TAjT återuppstår!

Posted in Calvin Harris, Daft Punk, Deadmau5, Sébastien Léger, TAjT with tags , , , , on 21 juni 2009 by surikaten

”I juni månad återuppstånden”, som det står i TAjTs heliga skrift. Vi på TAjT börjar vädra en fantastisk sommar med stora mängder elektronisk musik. Detta gör oss så pass exalterade att jag, Surikaten, bestämde mig för att återuppta bloggandet. Låt oss se om TAjTs övriga direktörer även de tar upp stafettpinnen.

Om ungefär en månad åker halva TAjT-styrkan ner till Tyskland för att hänga på mycket lovande festivalen Melt! för första gången. Och om endast två veckor är det ju dags för våra polare på Arvikafestivalen att skapa stordåd i den värmländska skogen.


Tänkte viga denna återkomst på bloggscenen åt en man (eller mus?) som vi har bloggat om ett flertal gånger. Nämligen extremt hajpade, feta och extremt begåvade Deadmau5! Här är fyra spår som får mig att rysa lite extra i sommarvärmen. Den 17 juli ser vi Deadmau5 på Melt! Låt oss säga att vi är ganska peppade.

Deadmau5 – Dr. Funkenstein

Daft Punk – Harder Better Faster Stronger (Deadmau5 edit)

Calvin Harris – I\’m Not Alone (Deadmau5 Remix)

Deadmau5 – Slip (Sebastien Legér Remix)

Let the beat go on! TAjT’s back!

Falken och Braxen.

Posted in Alan Braxe, Daft Punk, Fred Falke, Justice, Lykke Li, Röyksopp with tags , , , , , , , , on 02 december 2008 by hajen


Om man är 33 år, fransos och fd bassist kan man åtadkomma mycket. Bland annat en fantastisk remix av Lykke Li’s I’m good I’m gone och San Fransisco (Fred Falke Remix) – Citylife.

Slår man sig dessutom ihop med en annan fransos, som tillsammans med halva Daft Punk och en fd punkare gjort dängan Music Sounds Better With You (1998), kan man åstadkomma både D.A.N.C.E (Alan Braxe & Fred Falke Remix) – Justice och Only This Moment (Alan Braxe & Fred Falke Remix) – Röyksopp.

Frankrike regerar på indiedancetronen. Faktiskt.