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Inna da club with Florrie and Fred

Posted in Florrie, Fred Falke on 23 maj 2010 by surikaten

It’s sunday, weekend’s over. That means you should start gathering up energy for next week. We like to do that with a brand new (great of course) club mix by Fred Falke on Florrie‘s unstoppable hit Panic Attack. Here it is in 128 kbs. Go grab the 320 of Florrie’s website!

Florrie – Panic Attack (Fred Falke Club Mix)

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Robyn and Fred

Posted in Fred Falke, Robyn on 11 maj 2010 by surikaten

What happends when one of our favorite vocalists gets edited by one our favorite producers? Well you might’ve guessed it, it’ll be totally awsome! The vocalist, Robyn, has with her recent album made it clear that she’s one of the most briliant artists ever. The producer, Fred Falke, has one time after the other made already great tracks even greater with his remixing skills.

In this track Robyn isn’t dancing on her own. In this one she’s dancing with Fred. And it’s one hell of a dance. Dancing on my own is one fabulous track and with some magic from Fred it’s even more danceable! I love it!

Robyn – Dancing On My Own (Fred Falke Edit)

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Clap your hands

Posted in Diplo, Fred Falke, Sia on 19 april 2010 by hajen

Australian singer/songwriter Sia releases her forth album We are born on June 23. Now she’s releasing the track Clap Your Hands with two great remixes and a video.

Sia – Clap Your Hands (Diplo Remix)

Sia – Clap Your Hands (Fred Falke Remix)

A sunny disco mix

Posted in Bag Raiders, Breakbot, Calvin Harris, Chromeo, Digitalism, Familjen, Fred Falke, Gossip, Grizzly Bear, Grum, Lady Gaga, Little Boots, Martin Solveig, New Order, Passion Pit, Richard X, Riva Starr, Terry Posion, The Twelves, Treasure Fingers, VIS À VIS on 19 april 2010 by hajen

Our friend VIS À VIS has made a sunny disco mix to celebrate that spring has come. Enjoy!

VIS À VIS – Mixology 2.0


Apologize (Breakbot’s Hypnotoad Remix) – Digitalism
Bad Romance (Grum Remix) – Lady Gaga
Love Long Distance (Riva Starr Remix) – Gossip
Shooting Stars – Bag Raiders
The Reeling (Calvin Harris Remix) – Passion Pit
100% (Treasure Fingers Remix) – Chromeo
Two Weeks (Fred Falke Remix) – Grizzly Bear
Meddle (Treasure Fingers Remix) – Little Boots
Bizzare Love Triangle (Richard X Remix) – New Order
Boys and Girls (Extended) – Martin Solveig
Comme di Comme Ca (The Twelves Remix) – Terry Poison
Det Snurrar I Min Skalle – Familjen
The Punch (Reprise) – Bag Raiders

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Posted in Florrie, Fred Falke on 28 mars 2010 by surikaten

= another lovely track. The collaboration between up-coming super star Florrie and house veteran Fred Falke continues. Their first track together, Call 911, went straight up the Hypem charts. The new track, called Panic Attack, makes it clear that Call 911 wasn’t an one hit wonder from Florrie and Fred. Listen to the 128 version here and download the 320 version at Florrie’s homepage!

Florrie – Panic Attack (Fred Falke Extended Mix)

Call 911

Posted in Florrie, Fred Falke on 09 mars 2010 by surikaten

Florrie by Eleni Mettyear
Or don’t and just listen to this sweet remix by house master Fred Falke on Florrie‘s track Call 911. This is the first track by Florrie and if everything from now on is as good as this one this won’t be the last you hear from this talented singer/drummer. Florrie’s voice is just stunning and Fred Falke gives, as always, the track a nice disco house feeling. Great stuff! And Florrie is giving it away for free at her website. Don’t miss the video of Florrie and Fred remixing the track at Xenomania production house. Love it!

Florrie – Call 911 (Fred Falke Remix)

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Photo by Eleni Mettyear, check out more from the photosession with Florrie at Eleni’s Flickr page…

Bart B More

Posted in Alan Braxe, Bart B More, Fred Falke, Para One on 05 mars 2010 by surikaten

In the end of February Bart B More dropped Romane on Sound Pellegrino and TAjT posted the Rubix remix here. But we thought the young producer from the Netherlands has earned himself some more attention at TAjT. It’s been going quite well for Bart B More lately. His track So it goes was named Essential New Tune by no other than Pete Tong himself. He has also gained support from colleagues like Laidback Luke, Diplo, Tiesto and Crookers. The future couldn’t look any brighter. Next up is the release of his remix on Mc Flipside. Here is the brilliant remix by Para One on Romane and Bart B More’s own edit on TAjT favorites Alan Braxe and Fred Falke.

Bart B More – Romane (Para One Remix)

Alan Braxe & Fred Falke – Intro (Bart B More Edit)

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