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Take us to the stars

Posted in Grum on 25 maj 2010 by surikaten

We hope you haven’t missed that Grum‘s brand new album Hearbeats is out there. It’s been highly praised by a lot of people (we’re among them) and reached the top 5 at the iTunes dance chart in the US. A track that didn’t make it onto the album is this very Grum track called Take Me To The Stars. But with an album that full of great tracks some has to go. But that sure doesn’t mean that we can’t listen to it and love it anyway.

Grum – Take Me To The Stars

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Interview: Grum

Posted in Grum, Interview on 17 maj 2010 by surikaten

! It’s here, the brand new album from the one and only Grum. We’ve been waiting for it since what seems like forever. Since Runaway was released we’ve been caught in the dreamy yet jumpy disco house of Grum. And many more with us. Earlier this when Grum was about to release the single Can’t Shake This Feeling and finishing the album we made an interview which haven’t been published until now. Check it out and then click your way to the nearest digital store and buy the album! It’s on iTunes,, and

TAjT: In Sweden there’s a small town called Grums, we guess you didn’t chose your name with that in mind. So, why Grum?
Grum: Haha!  Well, my real name is Graeme…and Grum started out as some sort of nickname.  I foolishly decided to use it as my artist name and now I’m stuck with it.  People seem to like it though so its not too bad.  I need to come and visit Grums one day and have my picture taken next to the sign ;)

You’ve named a track Hearbeat and your lable is called Hearbeats. What does the beating of a heart mean to you?
The beating of a heart is very important to me.  If it didn’t beat I’d be dead. Then I couldn’t make music. Disaster.

You’re from Linlithgow in Scotland. What from Scotland do you bring into your music?
I’m not sure geographical location has such a big impact on music now because of the internet.  The music my parents listened to has definitely had a strong effect though.  I obviously tried to bring the bagpipes sound to my work but it didn’t really work out.

During 2009 you were one of the most blogged artists on Hypem. How do you think the mp3-blogs have affected the electronic music industry? Will it affect your future work in any way?
Well, for better or worse they are here to stay.  From my point of view they have been an amazing help in getting my music out.  It seems that labels are starting to embrace them too, rather than just shutting them down, so hopefully we can all reach a kind of happy medium.

Are there any exchange between you and the mp3-blogs that make you create better music?
Well I sometimes like to check some blogs which post obscure old disco and stuff like that, so that music has probably had an influence on me.  So yes, I think they have helped me create better music.

Italo-disco and french house tracks has really been booming the past year and it doesn’t seem to stop. Do you think we’re in desperate need of something more funky after some years with a lot of dirty hard electro?
I think this is exactly it.  Tracks with more musicality and feeling seem to be coming back into popularity, which I really like.  Hard electro was fun for a little while but things always go round in circles.

You remix a lot and a lot of people does remixes on your tracks. What track would you like to remix and who would you like did a remix on you? You can chose anyone, living or dead. Why where these your choices?
I’m a bit obsessed with Stevie Nicks stuff justnow so I’d have to say I’d love to remix ’Stand Back’.  This is probably an obscure choice but it would be really cool to hear an Arthur Baker remix of one of my more poppy tracks, digging his remix of Fleetwood Mac’s ”Big Love” right now!

You’re extremely productive. How do you do it? Are you always inspired?
I think I have reached a point where I can find inspiration quite easily.  I’m on a roll right now with my music and it seems to be getting easier and easier to come up with ideas.  I work on original music and remixes every day so I like to just keep going!  I’ll burn out soon and end up in rehab with a massive coke addiction.

Okey, then what gives you the inspiration to produce a new track?
It can be various things…sometimes the way I’m feeling about something can jsut inspire me to right.  OR maybe I want to create a feeling with the listener.  Or sometimes I just find a really cool sample that inspires.  But usually I like it to sound cool and sexy.

Could you describe that feeling when a track is complete.
Oh that’s a great feeling.  I usually listen back to it over and over until I’m totally happy with it.  And like to play it to other people to see their reactions!

Your single Can’t Shake This Feeling got great response. Tell us about the Grum-sound of the new decade.
Yes indeed.  Its quite a disco house style track but radio friendly at the same time.  It started out as a bit of a nod towards old Crydamoure house, such as Le Knight Club.  Really excited about it – we’ve got some amazing remixes.

My sound is moving in a more pop direction but it will always retain the dance element, I think.  I like to draw on older influences and make that stuff work today.

Last question, TAjT is an electronic dance music blog with the purpose to promote music that makes us want to dance. Then of course we want to know what makes you dance.
Good question.  I usually dance to anything if I’ve consumed enough alcohol.  We dont really have so many cool electro and disco nights outside of London, but I love seeing people like Aeroplane play.  I’ll dance to that!

Thanks a lot for your time Grum. Hope to see you in Sweden soon!

Back from London

Posted in Beaumont, d.Franklyn, Florrie, Grum, PUNCHES on 04 maj 2010 by surikaten

We’re back from London. The Mau5 was fantastic. After not checking our mail for a few days we got tons of new music. We can’t (and will not) post all of it. So we picked out three of our favorite producers at the moment. Two from the UK and a group from the US. Two remixes and one original. Here’s Florrie, Punches and Grum

Florrie – Panic Attack (d.Franklyn Remix)

Punches – Let Go

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A sunny disco mix

Posted in Bag Raiders, Breakbot, Calvin Harris, Chromeo, Digitalism, Familjen, Fred Falke, Gossip, Grizzly Bear, Grum, Lady Gaga, Little Boots, Martin Solveig, New Order, Passion Pit, Richard X, Riva Starr, Terry Posion, The Twelves, Treasure Fingers, VIS À VIS on 19 april 2010 by hajen

Our friend VIS À VIS has made a sunny disco mix to celebrate that spring has come. Enjoy!

VIS À VIS – Mixology 2.0


Apologize (Breakbot’s Hypnotoad Remix) – Digitalism
Bad Romance (Grum Remix) – Lady Gaga
Love Long Distance (Riva Starr Remix) – Gossip
Shooting Stars – Bag Raiders
The Reeling (Calvin Harris Remix) – Passion Pit
100% (Treasure Fingers Remix) – Chromeo
Two Weeks (Fred Falke Remix) – Grizzly Bear
Meddle (Treasure Fingers Remix) – Little Boots
Bizzare Love Triangle (Richard X Remix) – New Order
Boys and Girls (Extended) – Martin Solveig
Comme di Comme Ca (The Twelves Remix) – Terry Poison
Det Snurrar I Min Skalle – Familjen
The Punch (Reprise) – Bag Raiders

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Can’t shake this spring feeling

Posted in Grum on 30 mars 2010 by surikaten

The sun is shining and the snow’s gone. And on top of that you listen to this absolutely briliant track by Grum. Damn it’s good. The track has been out for some time now in the blogosphere but was only released last week. In the release the original track comes with a bunch of great remixes, among them a club edit by Grum himself as well as remixes by Aston Shuffle, Ghosts of Venice and Beaumont.

This track along with the rest of the up-coming album from Grum, dropping on May 10th, will without doubt be played by me lots of times this spring and summer. Here’s the 128 version of Can’t Shake This Feeling. Go out in the sun and put it on. Just do it!

Grum – Can’t Shake This Feeling (buy it!)

Grum – Can’t Shake This Feeling

Posted in Grum on 12 mars 2010 by surikaten

The new video from Grum is out! The single called Can’t Shake This Feeling is dropping 3rd May.

Go check out Grum at Myspace and listen to Can’t Shake This Feeling til you drop…

SURIKATEN: Best of 2009

Posted in Annie, Deadmau5, Duck Sauce, Ellen Allien, Fred Falke, Grum, Jesper Dahlbäck, Justin Faust, Kris Menace, Rory Phillips, Steve Angello, TAjT, What we danced to 2009 on 30 december 2009 by surikaten

The third day of TAjTs year best-lists and we’ve reached the best original mixes of 2009. It’s been a great year and here are my,
Surikatens, best tracks from it. Listen to them, dance to them and buy them. And of course, feature them in your playlist for the new year!

10. Annie – I Don’t Like Your Band

A dear friend tipped me of on Norweigan electro-pop artist Annie and her album Don’t Stop (released on 19 October in Europe). Since then the album has been played a lot of times. Especially this song, I Don’t Like Your Band, with its catchy melody and lyrics has stuck it self on my mind.

9. Justin Faust – Capri Spinoff

With his EP Revenge Justin Faust really kicked this year off. Faust has been recording music on a variety of labels since 1992 but it’s been with Revenge and a couple of great remixes (among them the remix on Heads We Dance which was featured on my Best Of Remixes-list) he has proven himself for real. Capri Spinoff has got all of Justin Fausts earmarks disco, synth and house blended nicely togheter.

8. Rory Phillips – Solar Breakfast

With this track British producer Rory Phillips showed that he’s more than a great remix artist (with remixes on Chromeo, The XX and Gossip) and brilliant party organizer. Solar Breakfast is a great nu disco track that builds up and won’t let go of you. The only thing you can do is dance. Keep an eye on this guy, that’s my advice.

7. Grum – Hearbeats

Scotlands finest, Grum has had a brilliant year. With releases of tracks Runaway and Hearbeats he’s gained a lot of well earned success. On music blogs all over the world bloggers have singed his prayer. Heartbeats really got my heart beating the first time I heard it and it won’t stop. This is an amazing track, no doubt about it.

6. Ellen Allien – Lover

The first techno track on this list and one might not be surprised that it’s a track from totally extraordinary German producer Ellen Allien. Released in the end of August on legendary Bpitch Control this track set a standard for the autumn. It’s beautiful and on the same time dark and scary.

5. Kris Menace (feat. Fred Falke) – Fairlight Pt. 1 and Pt. 2

To chose one track from Kris Menace 26 tracks on critic loved debut album Idiosyncrasies is extremely hard. Fairlight, featuring producer friend Fred Falke, was initially released in 2006. The follow-up Fairlight Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 is a true house killer. You have to love it, dance to it, ride a bike to it, have a drink in a park to it…

4. Jesper Dahlbäck – Super Connector

I almost forgot about this song when Hajen (my colleague at TAjT) reminded me. This track was easily one of the most important tracks of the late winter and early spring of 2009. It held me company on long train rides and made me happy every time I heard it. And who can blame me? From the first tune this track is sheer happiness. The intro tickles your good mood and then you’re stuck.

3. Steve Angello – Tivoli

Are we happy that Steve Angello made a promise on New Years Eve one year ago to stop partying and start producing? Yes we are! His album The Year Book is a fantastic house journey. Being one third of the Swedish House Mafia Steve Angello is one of the superstars on the club scene. Here he shows why. Tivoli is truly fantastic dance track that we for sure will hear on clubs all over the world for quite a while.

2. Duck Sauce – aNYway

How can a collab between Armand Van Helden and A-Trak possibly be anything else than magical? Well it can’t! This is magic, dancefloor magic. aNyway brings disco back to life, blends it with perfect house beats and all the talent of two briliant artists. If you don’t dance to this one, well then you can’t feel very good. My advice is to listen to it again, and again, and again. Eventually you will dance. I promise you.

1. Deadmau5 – Strobe

I don’t know how to describe this track. It’s just a perfect, magic, beautiful track. Deadmau5 has a unique ability to produce tracks that could be described with these words. Strobe is a track that you just don’t want end. The original mix is ten minutes long and has it all. If you’re a more restless soul you could go for the club edit but then you miss out on a four minute long intro-euphoria. If you need a soundtrack to your life for a while, this is it!

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