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Jacques Laverne Dorsey

Posted in Daft Punk, Jacques L. Dorsey on 18 januari 2010 by hajen

No one knows where mysterious Jacques L. Dorsey came from. He has been around at Myspace for 18 days and there are rumours he has connections to Daft Punk’s soundtrack production for Tron Legacy. A lot of questions, but very few answers. What we do know is that he has made two marvelous retro-futuristic tracks. The second one, Before The Morning Interlude, opens his Area 51 mix – which name adds on to the enigmatic shimmer. If this is what 2010 brings, I do really look forward to meet the rest of the year and the continue of Jacques Laverne Dorsey.

Jacques L. Dorsey – Hard Drivn’ (Main)

Jacques L. Dorsey – Area 51 Mix

UPDATE: If you happen to be in Toronto this friday (22nd of january)  you can watch Jacques L. Dorsey live here.