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Analog Leonardus Disco Action

Posted in Bobby Analog, Leonardus on 16 maj 2010 by surikaten

I love the Brittish Islands at the moment, and it’s all because of what they bring to the disco house / french house scene. We’ve been dancing our feet of to sweet groove of Grum, the funky greatness of Louis La Roche and the smashing remixes by Russ Chimes. Here’s another rising star in the genre. His name is Bobby Analog and he’s hailing from Portstewart in Ireland. He’s been performing since 2002 but it was only now that he got our attention. With his EP Bare Back Jack, dropping on May 28th*, he’s done some great stuff. The EP was supposed to drop in March but after listening to the tracks I must say that it might been worth the wait.

From the seven track EP I like the promotional track Boppin’ a lot. It really represents the whole EP with it’s energy filled up tempo disco feeling. We also dig the remix by Leonardus on I Want You which blends togheter the greatness of the Dutch and the Brittish disco house scene. Lovely!

Bobby Analog – Boppin’

Bobby Analog – I Want You (Leonardus Remix)

*If you like disco house then May 28th also is a date when you should hang out here on TAjT.

Sunday Disco

Posted in Le Knight Club, Leonardus, Quinten 909 on 18 april 2010 by surikaten

The Dutch disco house scene is blessing us with some briliant up-coming artists at the moment. Rubix is one, Quinten 909 another, there’s Pitto (which is actually more techno) and there’s Leonardus. The last one is the main focus of this post. Togheter with colleague Quinten 909 he released the absolutely lovely EP Heartbreaker where the track Eye to Eye has been played uncountable by us.

Now Leonardus is back with some new stuff and as you can expect he brings us some extra ordinary danceable disco house. This guy should with out doubt be the next big thing if you have the slightest taste for happy funky house.

Leonardus – Can You

And since we haven’t blogged Eye to Eye before, we do it now. It’s just a fantastic track.

Leonardus & Quinten 909 – Eye to Eye

And as a bonus, a great remix on Le Knigt Club from Quinten 909.

Le Knight Club – Soul Bells (Quinten 909 Remix)