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Collab / Disco / Design

Posted in Arvika, Club, Louis La Roche, Moving on 28 maj 2010 by surikaten

Hey everybody! We got three great news for you all:

First/ We’ve been asked to do a club night at Swedish festival ARVIKA

Second/ We’re bringing LOUIS LA ROCHE to that night

Third/ We’re MOVING the TAjT page  and bringing in a new hot design

TAjT is all about enjoying and dancing to great electronic dance music. TAjT is sweat, smoke, strobe, disco lights and animals. On July 17th TAjT will bring all their energy into one incredible night at Arvikafestivalen. With them this night is disco house phenomenon Louis La Roche.

Arvikafestivalen asked us some questions about the club night:

What can we expect from TAjT at Lyran?
You can expect a dance party that probably will require fans to dry out all the sweat the day after. Luckily we’re last. Togheter with the best summery house music there is we (and you 400 something lucky ones that fit in to Lyran) are going to dance like there’s no tomorrow.

We will turn Lyran into a disco palace with all what that means of smoke machines, strobe lights and other wicked electronic stuff. And if you’re one of those Simian Mobile Disco fans you could also come pre-partying with us to get that blood pumping before their concert.

Why should we come by and dance with you?
You know that perfect festival night when it feels like you’ll never what to go home. Instead you want to do everything at the same time. It’s the last night and you could either go home feeling like you’ve missed something when your friends go ”Shit, you should’ve been at that TAjT club, it was fabulous” or…you could go there with them having the best night ever.

Will there be any guests with you on stage?
Only the best is good enough so we’re bringing Louis La Roche on stage for an exclusive set. It will be absolutely stunning. We’ve loved everything Louis did since we heard him the first time a year ago. We’re suckers for energy filled disco influenced house and Louis is bringing it!

Name a track that we with out doubt will hear at the club
If you’re in to stuff like Duck Sauce, Grum, Fred Falke, Kris Menace, Leonardus, Cassian, Munk, The Twelves and Chromeo you won’t be disapointed. And Louis La Roche of course, but since we’re having him here we’re going to let him play his tracks.

Okey so we have to choose one track? Well then it’s got to be Punches track Let Go which is a fantastic disco track from a briliant up-coming group.

Name a track that we won’t hear.
We don’t want to close any doors here but it’s unlikely that we play any metal or goa trance. At least we won’t try to mix them. Our rule here is, if we don’t want to dance to it, we won’t play it.

Louis La Roche
Louis La Roche is the guy that when ”releasing” his track Love (the track leaked onto the blogs) back in 2008 provoked speculations that it was a side project by none other than Thomas Bangalter from Daft Punk. More recently Louis La Roche has been called the reason that the old 90’s genre filter house (aslo known as french house or disco house) is having a revival. And we can only agree.
Since the release of The Peach EP Louis La Roche has brought some incredible, danceable and funky house into the music scene. Listening to his music and live shows you will experience some 90’s nostalgia, mixed togheter with 70’s disco and funk vibes and blended right into a great 2010 club track. It’s old yet new, It’s rough yet soulfull, It’s smooth yet you want to dance like crazy.

We’re putting up one last song at this page. And of course it’s Louis La Roche!

Louis La Roche – Sunshine Hotel


Beating Hearts

Posted in Louis La Roche, Ocelot on 04 april 2010 by surikaten

TAjT hyped-up producer Louis La Roche has made yet another stunning remix. This time on Ocelot’s Beating Hearts. Louis takes the already disco filled track and makes it an unstoppable unbelivably danceable disco tune. Parts of the TAjT crew is right now hanging out in the sun on an island and this is a song that we already played many many times. You should do it as well! It’s out in April, until then enjoy it of Ocelot’s Soundcloud page.

Ocelot – Beating Hearts (Louis La Roche Remix)

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Disco, disco and yet some more disco…

Posted in 6th Borough Project, Arabesque, Bart B More, Breakbot, C-code, Congorock, Crookers, Crydajam, Deadmau5, Don Diablo, Duck Sauce, Gramophonedzie, Homework, Kavinsky, La Roux, Locksmith, Lorkan Mak, Louis La Roche, Pino D'Angiò, Qdup Foundation, Riva Starr, Rubix on 03 april 2010 by hajen

Rubix is inconceivably productive. We’re happy to share his latest mixtape with a new Rubix remix for Don Diablo, exclusive Rubix re-edits and new tracks by Homework, Bart B More, Riva Starr, Congorock, OJ. System and more. One of his latest productions is Disco Electronique. Enjoy. We like it a lot!

Rubix – Disco Electronique (Rubix Edit)

Rubix – Vruchtvlees Couture Mixtape No. 7


1. Pino D’Angiò – Ma Quale Idea
2. Kavinksy – Nightcall (Breakbot Remix)
3. Qdup foundation – Renegades Revenge
4. Crydajam – Playground
5. Gramophonedzie – Streetlady
6. Louis La Roche – Get On Down
7. 6th Borough Project – Planets (The Revenge Lost Groove – Roboot & Dorian Paic Re-Edit)
8. Locksmith – Unlock The Funk
9. Duck Sauce – The Motion
10. Rubix – Baiser Sur La Disco (Rubix Refix)
11. Don Diablo – Who’s Your Daddy (Rubix Remix)
12. Arabesque – In the Heat Of A Disco Night (Rubix I like it like Fakeblood edit)
13. C-code – Burning up in here (Rubix Remix)
14. Yolanda be cool & Dcup – We No Speak Americano (Rubix Beat Fix)
15. Riva Starr – Dance Me
16. Homework – Fissa Tune
17. Lorkan Mak – Gypsy Bum (Rubix Refix)
18. Bart B More – Romane (Rubix Remix)
19. Crookers – Gypsy P
20. L-Vis 1990 – United Groove (MJ Cole Remix)
21. Congorock – Babylon
22. All Leather – I Don’t Hate Fags, God Does (His Majesty Andre Screams Louder Now Remix)
23. Gary’s Gang – Do It At The Disco (Rubix from Disco To Dubstep edit)
24. Datsik- Havoc
25. Deadmau5 & Kaskade – I Remember (Caspa Remix)
26. O.J. Symstem – I’ve Been Near You (Rubix Beat Fix)
27. La Roux – In For The Kill (Skream’s Let’s Get Ravey Mix)

Better late than never

Posted in Gorillaz, Louis La Roche on 23 februari 2010 by surikaten

New Gorillaz track Stylo has been remixed almost as much as it has been blogged. We did a post on two of them a week ago. Then one of TAjT’s favorite producers, Louis La Roche, released his Better Late Than Never remix. Not so many words in this post, but more funky remix love by Louis. Enjoy!

Gorillaz – Stylo (Louis La Roche Better Late Than Never Remix)

Thanks a lot to the people over at fantastic Chemical Jump for posting the track…

Louis La Roche

Posted in Louis La Roche, Super Soaker on 14 januari 2010 by surikaten

There’s so much great dance music coming from the Brittish Islands right now. Grum might be my favorite at the time but he sure doesn’t stand with a challenge. From guys like Louis La Roche for example. The music Louis La Roche’s producing is soulful and full of tributes to his love of disco and soul. Being 19-years old there is also a distinct touch of the nineties house music that he grew up with in his music.

On Monday 18th January his latest EP called Super Soaker is released on Ever After Records (who had the great taste to make Louis their first signing). The EP was initally released on Beatport the 14th December and has gained a lot (but not nearly enough) attention on blogs and by critics.

For those who think that the three track EP just isn’t enough doesn’t have to wait that long. Louis is in studio producing an album to be released this year and in March there will be a release of the first single called My Turn.

But right now, enjoy, go crazy and get goose bumps while listening to fantastic track Malfunction from the Super Soaker EP. It’s a stream only since the EP is due to release. If you enjoy it, buy it!

Louis La Roche – Malfunction

And for those who can’t wait until the 18th. Buy the EP right now on Beatport…

For all the latest news, check out the website of Louis La Roche…