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Posted in Modular, The Swiss on 27 januari 2010 by surikaten

Australian Modular has a number of amazing artists on their lable. Artists like Ladyhawke, Cut Copy and Bag Raiders has been frequently blogged all over the world. Now it is time for The Swiss.

From the first time we heard the The Swiss we were absolutely certain that this trio produced by almost legendary producer Donnie Sloan (Empire of the Sun & Sneky Sound System) have world domination potential.

Hailing out of Adelaide The Swiss are a legit live disco band consisting of Luke on synth, Tony on bass and Sid on bass. According to the band them self they are a band who’s existence is based entirely on flavour and good times.

On the 5th February they release their first EP, called Bubble Bath, on Modular. On their Myspace the EP is described as ”a testament to what lies at the core lifestyle of The Swiss: crisp and snappy drums, quicksand laser-sludge bass, dizzy pops & flourishes, melody rays and synthesised strings that glide on the thermal currents of life.” It has already gained appreciation from people like Erol Alkan and Sinden.

With about a week left to the release we got hold of Tony from The Swiss and asked him about the up-coming EP, Modular, playing live and influences.

TAjT: For all of those who yet doesn’t know anything about The Swiss, who are you and why are you called The Swiss?

Tony: When we started playing we were very cheesy and we named ourselves after a country famous for cheese.

TAjT: On your Myspace it’s said that ”in a time when everyone who isn’t Crookers is claiming to be a disco act, there is an insurmountable wash of pretenders.” What do you mean and what’s unique about The Swiss?

Tony: We are all musicians, we are better at playing our own music on guitars, synths and drums than we are at DJing other people’s.

TAjT: In January you will be releasing your EP Bubble Bath. In the intro to the titel track we can’t help to get vibes from Australian native instruments. In what way would you say the native music of Australia has influenced you?

Tony: Well there is some great aboriginal music in Australia but I don’t know if we are consciously influenced by it. Maybe the natural rhythms of the wide brown land. We do listen to a lot of Ausralian music from the 70s and 80s – listen to Flash and the Pan, which was a project of the guys who recorded the ACDC albums.

TAjT: What other influences do you have when creating new music?

Tony: We get excited when we hear new music, or old music that’s new to us. Usually music from different genres to what we play – deep house to heavy metal, if it’s different and clever it will make us want to get in the studio and write and play

TAjT: You are working with producer Donnie Sloan who has also worked with Empire Of The Sun and Sneaky Soundsystem. What has Donnie brought in to The Swiss?

Tony: Donnie has been with us since the beginning, we worked together in previous bands and projects. He has the midas touch in the studio. He helps with arrangements and puts his magic in everything we record.

TAjT: The Swiss are claimed to be a brilliant live act. What can we look forward to when we go see you guys live?

Tony: We get booked for 45 minute sets and if they let us we usually can’t stop playing for at least an hour. Once people realise we aren’t going to sing and we arent going to stop, it gets very sweaty, the crowd get involved and everybody dances all night.

TAjT: On the subject of live music . Is this where most of your music is created or do you like to go into the studio to focus from time to time?

Tony: A lot of our stuff stems from live shows, it can be difficult to translate the energy that works live into a recorded song, which is a big part of what we do with Donnie.

TAjT: You’re releasing Bubble Bath on Modular which has really placed Australia on the map as a country with great electronic music. What has the Modular ”family” of artists and producers ment to you and to Australian music?

Tony: The are a great group of people and a natural fit for us – everybody in the Australian music scene knows each other and we are all a big family. Bands like the Presets and the Avalanches and Cut Copy are so important to the sound and I don’t think it’s a coincidence they all wound up being with Modular.

TAjT: TAjT is an electronic dance music blog with the purpose to promote music that makes us want to dance. Then of course we want to know what makes you dance.

Tony: Big bass lines, lots of high hats, DFA stuff, old stuff, new stuff

TAjT: It is the beginning of a new decade, what do you look forward to during 2010?

Tony: Coming to play some shows in Europe!!!

TAjT thank Tony and The Swiss for the interview and wish you guys the best possible 2010. We hope to see you in Sweden soon.

And now, enjoy this stream of Bubble Bath, then go pre-order the full EP at the Mod Shop.

The Swiss – Bubble Bath

VIDEO: The Swiss Live at Enmore Theatre in Sydney (supporting Ladyhawke)

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Pre.order Bubble Bath at the Mod Shop…