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Posted in Louis La Roche, Super Soaker on 14 januari 2010 by surikaten

There’s so much great dance music coming from the Brittish Islands right now. Grum might be my favorite at the time but he sure doesn’t stand with a challenge. From guys like Louis La Roche for example. The music Louis La Roche’s producing is soulful and full of tributes to his love of disco and soul. Being 19-years old there is also a distinct touch of the nineties house music that he grew up with in his music.

On Monday 18th January his latest EP called Super Soaker is released on Ever After Records (who had the great taste to make Louis their first signing). The EP was initally released on Beatport the 14th December and has gained a lot (but not nearly enough) attention on blogs and by critics.

For those who think that the three track EP just isn’t enough doesn’t have to wait that long. Louis is in studio producing an album to be released this year and in March there will be a release of the first single called My Turn.

But right now, enjoy, go crazy and get goose bumps while listening to fantastic track Malfunction from the Super Soaker EP. It’s a stream only since the EP is due to release. If you enjoy it, buy it!

Louis La Roche – Malfunction

And for those who can’t wait until the 18th. Buy the EP right now on Beatport…

For all the latest news, check out the website of Louis La Roche…