Inna da club with Florrie and Fred

23 maj 2010

It’s sunday, weekend’s over. That means you should start gathering up energy for next week. We like to do that with a brand new (great of course) club mix by Fred Falke on Florrie‘s unstoppable hit Panic Attack. Here it is in 128 kbs. Go grab the 320 of Florrie’s website! Florrie – Panic Attack […]

Florrie remixes Florrie

16 april 2010

TAjT loves Florrie. That’s why, even though we’re on a train with a bad 3G connection, we’re blogging this track as soon as we got it from Florrie. She encourages us to ”play it, love it, sing it, dance to it, blog it, share it with friends/family/small furry animals in the garden”. We will do […]


28 mars 2010

= another lovely track. The collaboration between up-coming super star Florrie and house veteran Fred Falke continues. Their first track together, Call 911, went straight up the Hypem charts. The new track, called Panic Attack, makes it clear that Call 911 wasn’t an one hit wonder from Florrie and Fred. Listen to the 128 version […]

Back from London

04 maj 2010

We’re back from London. The Mau5 was fantastic. After not checking our mail for a few days we got tons of new music. We can’t (and will not) post all of it. So we picked out three of our favorite producers at the moment. Two from the UK and a group from the US. Two […]

Panic Attack Remixes

13 april 2010

There’s a huge blog explosion – everybody loves Florrie. Love in blog world means a lot of remixing. You’ve heard the Fred Falke mixes earlier. Now it’s time for Justin Faust, Bit Funk and Def Starr to deliver their versions of amazing Florrie track Panic attack. We just love it! Download them remixes for free […]

Call 911

09 mars 2010

Or don’t and just listen to this sweet remix by house master Fred Falke on Florrie‘s track Call 911. This is the first track by Florrie and if everything from now on is as good as this one this won’t be the last you hear from this talented singer/drummer. Florrie’s voice is just stunning and […]