Danger tease

French electro king Danger has been keeping it low for some time now. Then suddenly a track has started to circulate the internet. We just had to pick it up of course (Thanks to Dödselectro). It’s obviously a tease on what we can look forward to in the year to come. Danger is in the studio and recording his next EP? Or album? What ever it is it seem that  Franck Revoir won’t let us down this time either. We will be back with more when the time has come for the release.

Well enough said, let your selfs get teased!

Danger – 4h30

UPDATE: Danger’s new EP 09/17 2007 will be released on vinyl 25th January and digital on 1st February.
UPDATE 2: Oliver $ Remix

Check out his Myspace…
Buy his latest EP 09/16 2007 at Beatport…


3 svar to “Danger tease”

  1. Is the Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield at the start?

  2. Phil: Definitely sounds like he’s been inspired. Could be a sample.


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